Troubles with visualisation

visualisingVisualisation is forming a mental picture of something that is invisible or abstract.

Many people believe that they can’t visualise, but if you ask them ‘Can you imagine this scene: you are down the beach and you throw some chips on the ground, can you see the seagulls fighting and cawing over them?’ The answer is mostly ‘Yes’

Imagining is when you decide to see something in your head; visualising is usually when you are directed to imagine something in your mind! Some people visualise is full colour and can hear, touch, smell and taste what they are seeing. Others only see in black and white, and some only see as a slide show, but it is all visualising!

Can you visualise the seagulls fighting and cawing over the chips?
There is a small percentage of people who cannot visualise. When they try, they can see only blackness or shades of grey or they have a shutter that comes down. In most cases this is due to the person shutting down their ability to visualise; having experienced too many adverse life events. If you are one of these, who cannot visualise; with commitment on your part it is possible to overcome this. Remember even if you cannot consciously visualise, your subconscious is actively working for you!
One way to assist you in visualising is to go to a natural setting, a park or a beach where you live, while there look around and then shut your eyes and try to picture what you have just seen in your mind. Can you describe it? Can you describe changing something? Like adding a creek running through it?

Case study
Frieda saw only a black tunnel, when she visualised. And this tunnel had no end. Every day she tried to imagine glow-worms in the tunnel. It took her a few weeks to line the tunnel with glow-worms, she could then see her way and she walked out of the tunnel and visualise.
If you are ‘seeing’ only black you could imagine switching on lights to brighten up or show light and then finally show the pictures.
This takes time and commitment but it worth while.

Are you in a black tunnel and you run/walk and you never get to the light at the end? IF this is you put lights regularly down the tunnel to see where you are going and over time ( you must practice this) you will able to get to the end. Most people when they do this find a beautiful park at the end! After this you can then do the process. Try practicing looking at something, close you eyes and then try to picture it in your head.

If you cannot visualise, can you imagine? Try this: look at a beautiful scene and shut your eyes and image it in your mind. Try doing this many times with different scenes, your home, your street, your car etc. slowly over time your subconscious will allow you to improve your imaging and let you ‘see’.

An other option is to get (download or borrow from your library) a guided meditation and listen to it often until you can see the meditation.






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