This Anorexia story needs to be told

This Anorexia story is not a fairy tale and needs to be told.

Book coverThis Anorexia story all started with a concerned grandfather looking on the internet for a solution to his grand daughters Anorexia. Searching on Amazon he found a book written by an Australian mental health researcher and best seller author Beverley Searle.
The book had the title “What Doctors Don’t Want You to Know about Anorexia” Curious about the content he purchased the book and read it from cover to cover. He was so impressed with it that he contacted his son, who lives in Illinois, and told him about the book and what he learned.

So the son looked around on the internet and found the Your Envisioned Mind website. Through the contact form he inquired with this message “I am interested in having my daughter utilize this program with the assistance of a consultant”

That started the process to help his 16 year old daughter to overcome her Anorexia. Luckily Beverley Searle herself was available to take on this case.anorexia story

So contact was established via Skype and the girl started her first session. We learned that she had Anorexia already for some years and had been in a clinic for treatment which didn’t had much effect. She was going to middle school very soon and was very anxious about that. She wanted to be a ballerina and was following dancing classes.

After the first session was finished Beverley gave her some mental homework to do. That takes only minutes per day and is so important for the healing phase that starts directly after the first session. A follow up session was planned a week later.

The second session was used to see if she had any issues with the process, going deeper in on the healing from the underlying causes of the Anorexia.

anxiewtyBeverley found that one of the underlying issues to her Anorexia is anxiety. So she gave her the tools to heal her anxiety. The girl was very responsive and followed the process very well.

Because she is a minor we kept in contact with the father to see how he was observing the changes in his daughter. This way we found out that the girl was doing all the skype session on her iphone behind closed doors in her own room. And she didn’t tell her parents much about the process. When we heard that we did send the father an overview of the Your Envisioned Mind process and the theory it is based on. That way he could understand they way we were helping his daughter to get over her Anorexia.

We were very honored that the father trusted us without hesitation to help his

After the father understood the way we were helping he could also be active in supporting his daughter and in a playful way help her to change the mindset that is causing the Anorexia. Because we know it is only partly about nutrition, it is all about the control, with both the mind and emotions involved.

Overall Beverley did just under 10 hours of consulting with her and she is doing very fine now. She has the right knowledge and tools to reclaim her life as a healthy young woman.

Regularly we check up with her to see if any more assistance is needed, till now she is on the right path to a healthy life.


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