They Overcame depression: Testimonials


I have been told for years ‘be positive’ ‘cheer up’ ‘you can do better’ but for the first time I was shown a better and gentler way to achieve this. What ‘Your Envisioned Mind’ has done for me is: minimising the negative memories and giving me a positive future. -Neil 50

Changing pictures in my head to overcome my depression: I could not believe it. But it worked! I am now happy. -Mary, 44, depressed for 21 years.

I have learned how to use my mind to help myself in moments of distress, or sadness. It helps to know how to restore yourself. -Angie 26

This is a way to access and manage my emotions on a sub-conscious level, and in a non-confrontational way. I can now continue to learn to trust and be open to new experiences. -Ann 32

I couldn’t get out of bed due to depression. My carers did not know what to do with me. After completing The Your Envisioned Mind I now look forward to each new day.

Mandy, Age 34. (A Cerebral Palsy and intellectual handicapped person)

Happiness comes from within. I have let go of the ghosts and my outlook on life has changed.- Dannie, 43

I can fix things in my head!- Lynette, 39

By changing the pictures in my head the flashbacks to my past trauma stopped, I am free of them after 30 year –AS 56

I could not stand up for myself. I found out that this was a “little boy” part of me, a sub-personality who was reacting to the situation. Now he is healed and I can be assertive. Carl 30

I now have the best job! Until doing Your Envisioned Mind, I had failed my job interviews, because of my anxiety. Jim,35 years.

All these people overcame depression, so can you.


Beverley F. Searle

B. Soc. Sc. (honors) Masters P.H.C.