Simple hints for depression

stock-illustration-1267874-with-the-bluesSimple hints for depression that help you instantly. Look up!

Why? Because the endorphins, which are responsible for happiness can be stimulated by looking up! This is a fascinating thing about our brains.

The only muscles which can directly affect the brain are in the eyes. Research has shown that by looking up the eye muscles can stimulate the releasing of the happy endorphins.
So a conscious effort must be made to look up. This is sometimes hard to do, especially if you are depressed; it’s a catch 22 situation. You don’t look up because you are depressed, and you cannot release these endorphins if you do not look up.

What to do.
If someone sits watching the TV all day, have the TV up higher that their seat, so they have to look up to watch it. The same goes for the computer and if possible the ipad.
To assist the person to get out of bed, place a beautiful picture above their bed, so when they open their eyes they are looking up at it. Use your imagination; be creative to assist the person in their day to day lives to train them to keep looking up.

And especially get the person outside in the sunshine. Children do not draw happy faces on the sun for no reason, being outside in the garden or park brings happiness. Vitamin D is essential for good health and what better way to get this is being outside.

Another way to get help for the depressed person is to purchase the Depression Self Help Kit on the Your Envisioned Mind web page. Here you can assist them to go through the simple and powerful process: you can even do the process with them to encourage them. You can download 2 copies of the work booklet: 2 for the price of 1.

So every time you watch TV, go on the computer, look up. And remember the sun is good for you, go outside and look up and while outside, smell the roses: it really works.


Beverley F. Searle

B. Soc. Sc. (honors) Masters P.H.C.