referral program

Purpose of the Referral Program

Our Referral Program is designed to reward those people that help us spreading the word. We believe that no-one is more qualified to talk about the Your Envisioned Mind program than one who has experienced its amazing effectiveness and simplicity oneself.

Whilst you can refer others to the Your Envisioned Mind program without having participated yourself and getting rewarded for it, this Affiliate Program is not designed for professional referrers and networkers. It does not –

•     Reward you for enrolling other referrers (no MLM)
•     Provide you with any training of how to refer
•     Provide you with any advertising material or brochures

It is simply a referral program, nothing else, nothing more.

How does it reward me?

You receive a fixed percentage of what the person you referred spends with us. This percentage differs:

•    Referrers that are not registered clients receive 10% of what the person spends with us
•    Referrers that are registered clients receive 20% of what the person spends with us (*)

(*) A registered client that qualifies for the 20% referral fee is a person that has bought at least a self-help kit or 2 hours of counselling and has given us a video reference.


Does this allow me to receive my treatment free of charge?

Yes, you can subsidise or even cover your own treatment costs by successfully referring people you care about to us.


What if I don’t want to receive a financial benefit for my recommendation?

Many people like to help but feel awkward receiving a reward for referring friends and family. As such we provide you with 3 options of what to do with the money you saved us:

1.  1st-rewardReceive the money as reward for your efforts and your caring attitude


2nd-reward2.  Let the money being given as a discount to the person you referred


3rd-reward3. Leverage the money by making a donation to a charity


Yes, I like to make a difference. How do I enroll into the Referral Program?

Simply click here!