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Overcoming PTSD – Why Talking Doesn’t Help

Trauma/Adversity are the causes of Post Traumatic Stress  (PTSD or CPTSD)! These traumatic experiences can be a one off like being in a car accident or a series of adversities/trauma, e.g. in a war zone or severe domestic violence situation. Expert research worldwide has shown that adversities/traumas are stored in the Limbic System; which is


Do I Have PTSD?

You are asking yourself do I have PTSD. Post Traumatic Stress is the result of you being in or having witnessed a traumatic event! These events activate the flight/fight/freeze instinct which stores the whole event in your mind, which can be triggered by similar events/sights/sounds. The result is you having ‘flashbacks’ pictures of the event

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No need to erase memories to cure PTSD

No need to erase memories to cure PTSD, says independent Mental Health Foundation New treatment is available globally By Frank Hermesdorf 28 February 2017 Melbourne, Australia – A few days ago, The Telegraph reported that researchers from the University of Toronto were considering erasing the memories of soldiers suffering from Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder (‘PTSD’),

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New PTSD treatment shows promising preliminary results

New PTSD treatment case study shows promising preliminary results. Your Envisioned Mind started in the last week of November 2016 with a trial to investigate how effective their program is with clients suffering from PTSD. The new PTSD treatment trial involved several sessions with the main-researcher Beverley F. Searle over a 4-5 week period. Most