PTSD Case study showing results

Shouldn’t a treatment be all about the results it brings you?

You think so? Then read this report about a PTSD case study.

On 19/2/17 a client contacted us for help to overcome his post-traumatic stress. He is a fireman, specialized in water rescue up in sunny Queensland, Australia. From the information, he provided that he already had PTSD for 12 years and that he tried to overcome this with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness & yoga. He was not on medication. Had problems concentrating and suffered from the effects of previous unjust treatment in the workplace and had several near drowning experiences.

As we do with all our clients we ask him to do our intake test, testing for PTSD and depression, anxiety and stress. And we test them a few days after their last session with the consultant. All sessions are delivered via a video link, so nobody has to travel. In the stats below you can see the results of this PTSD case study. These results were achieved within 5 weeks. Judge for yourself if these are good results or good results 🙂
When you also want to overcome your post-traumatic stress then take the next step and ask for help by visiting the “Help for PTSD” page and submit the form on that page. Wouldn’t you like to have a better quality of life?

PTSD case study

Take the first step to overcoming your post-traumatic stress. Visit the “Help for PTSD” page and submit the form on that page and we help you on the road to recovery.