Are you looking for a mutually beneficial partnership?

partnershipYes, so are we. In your practice do you encounter clients that you can only partially help? For instance:

  1. As a nutritionist/dietician, you have clients with eating disorders who also need to get the mental side of the eating disorder healed.
  2. As a masseur/physiotherapist, you have someone on your table who is depressed and needs help to overcome their depression?
  3. As an acupuncturist, you have a client with PTSD.
  4. As a social worker, you have clients with mental disorders.
  5. As a provider of alternative therapies you could have clients that need extra help to lessen or alleviate the effects of mental health disorders like Depression, Stress, Anxiety and Panic Disorders, Self Harming/Self-Injuring, Addiction, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), OCD, Anger, Eating Disorders like Anorexia and Bulimia, Schizophrenia.

We can help with all those mental disorders worldwide using a proven drug-free process (not talking therapy) based on more than 20 years of research by Beverley F.Searle, an Australian independent mental health researcher.

Can we create a mutually beneficial partnership?

We think so. Here are some suggestions:

  1. You can have a web page in our partner directory to advertise your business, products, and services. (good for SEO link building) See real entryas example
  2. You can add some banners to your website advertising our services. (good for SEO)
  3. We could combine our services and then promote them locally as one package.
  4. Most of all you can grow your business by offering your clients an extended service.
  5. We could share blog posts to inform people better.

If your values are aligned with ours, which you can find on the non-for-profit page and you would like to partner with us then please fill out the form below to start a dialogue.partnership

We see everyone that is practicing any of the following therapies/ treatments as a good match for a partnership.

Acupressure Acupuncture Alexander technique Alternative cancer treatments
Anthroposophical medicine Applied kinesiology Aromatherapy Astrology
Attachment therapy Ayurveda Bioresonance therapy Body-based manipulative therapies
Bodywork or Massage therapy Chelation therapy, Chinese medicine Chinese pulse diagnosis Chiropractic
Chromotherapy -color therapy Colorpuncture Craniosacral therapy Creative visualization
Community work Dietary supplements Energy therapies Reiki
Qigong Shiatsu Energy psychology Feldenkrais method
Flower essence therapy Functional medicine Hair analysis Hatha yoga
Hawaiian massage Herbalism Holistic medicine Homeopathy
Home remedies Hydrotherapy Hypnosis Iridology
Kinesiology Light therapy Macrobiotic lifestyle Magnetic healing
Manipulative therapy Manual lymphatic drainage Massage therapy Meditation
Megavitamin therapy Aromatherapy Autogenic training partnershipAutosuggestion
Bach flower therapy Music therapy Naprapathy Natural Health
Natural therapies Naturopathic medicine Neuro-linguistic programming Nutritional healing
Nutritional supplements Osteopathy Pilates Polarity therapy
Power yoga Qigong Radionics Rebirthing
Reflexology Reiki Rolfing Structural Integration Shiatsu
Social work Sound therapy Spiritual mind treatment T’ai chi ch’uan
Thai massage Therapeutic touch Traditional Chinese medicine Traditional Korean medicine
Traditional Japanese medicine Traditional Mongolian medicine Traditional Tibetan medicine Trager approach
Transcendental meditation Visualization Water cure (therapy) Wellness (alternative medicine)
Yoga practitioners


Yes, I am interested in partnering up with Your Envisioned Mind, please get in contact.

To get added to our partner directory there will be a small fee of US$25 to cover the setup costs, which you can easily earn back with your first referral. You can join our referral program here to earn a 10% comission.

We will reply to all forms submitted. Please add to your address book to insure you are getting our messages.