Nutritionists Dietitians our customers need your service and your clients with eating disorders very probably need our services.

We both know that there are two sides to an eating disorder, the emotional/mental health and the physical health.eating disorders

You are qualified to look after the physical health of a client, we are the experts on the emotional/social/mental health.

Would it be mutually beneficial if we would collaborate and that way heal even more people from these debilitating eating disorders?

Can we create a mutually beneficial partnership?

We think so. Here are some suggestions:

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  3. We could combine our services and then promote them locally as one package.
  4. Most of all you can grow your business by offering your clients an extended service.
  5. We could share blog posts to inform people better.
  6. Ane serious suggestions will be considered.

The Your Envisioned Mind process used to alleviate the eating disorders is created by Beverley F. Searle an Australian independent health researcher and author. She just published a new book that you can freely download by clicking on the picture of the book.

Eating disorders the missing link

Don’t miss this Anorexia story of how we helped a 16-year-old to reclaim her life

Here you can read how we help people with eating disorders.

If your values are aligned with ours, which you can find on this page and you would like to partner with us then please fill out the form below to start a dialogue.

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