No need to erase memories to cure PTSD

No need to erase memories to cure PTSD, says independent Mental Health Foundation

New treatment is available globally
By Frank Hermesdorf
28 February 2017
Melbourne, Australia – A few days ago, The Telegraph reported that researchers from the University of Toronto were considering erasing the memories of soldiers suffering from Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder (‘PTSD’), in order for them to have a “normal” life without the long-term use of dangerous drugs. While, it’s great scientists are searching for alternatives, how can someone have a “normal” life without knowing their past? And is the theory that only a few brain cells hold a specific memory true? What about the scientific theory, that memories are not only stored in the brain but in every cell of the body, as receivers of transplanted organs will attest to?

Have no fear! There is no need to discuss these contradicting theories as there is already a solution for the problem – there is a cure for for ptsd

The Change Your Past Foundation is a mental health organisation that specialises in evaluating competing therapies for psychological conditions. What makes this foundation unique is that they not only consider therapies researched by academics, but also therapies researched by independent mental health professionals. Janrua recognises that, although independent researchers don’t formulate theories based on laboratory experiments or other academics theories, they do have a great deal of experiential evidence, that is, from their clients.
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28/02/2017 Press Release ‘No need to erase memories to cure PTSD

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The Author
Frank Hermesdorf ( is a conservationist, community developer, global business adviser, and board member of several charities. He cares about people and wishes to empower them to master and ultimately remove their emotional and mental challenges.
Frank Hermesdorf, Chair of Change Your Past Foundation