Neil – bipolar and bullying

A courageous man with bipolar and was bullied severely.


Interviewer: What happened in high school?

Neil: In the first week of my first year in high, I was sent to another school for craft lessons. I was bashed, and given a concussion and a broken cheek, by a a fifth year from that school. And my head mistress decided I was in a fight and I’d beat him, and used that excuse to persecute me for the rest of my high school time. Through my friend group and people my parents knew, we worked out that she had a hobby, almost, of choosing 2 or 3 people at the first intake persecute to the limit of their power. One friend of mine, who was Italian, his mum and dad spotted that he was being targeted, and moved him to St Christian Brothers, where he had a wonderful time. My mom and dad believed the head mistress over me. Until one faithful occasion late second year I just told them another of what had happened, they both sworn she was right, she was persecuting him. I don’t remember what the issue was it took my mum almost three to realise I wasn’t a bastard. I was being persecuted, willfully and enjoyably by this head mistress and to her off-siders. My psychiatrist believes that that was the beginning of my bipolar. The fact that I was bastardised by these people. Um, I could do nothing right in that school. I was mentoring and tutoring children from Cyprus, after the Turkey Cyprus invasion in 1974. I played football For my school I tried to be a good student, no matter what I did this woman saw the bad in me. And literally persecuted me for almost three years high. You know I had a bit of a breakdown, my mum and dad took me to a new psychologist, and he demanded that I leave school. By then the damage was done, I had two more terms in a different school, where I flourished, I had a wonderful time. The damage was done and I became bipolar at the age of 16 and a little bit. I’ve had one therapist over the years and it was a waste of time. As far as quantity and quality, Beverly’s work was short and succinct. It was goal oriented. I no longer have the flash backs of the abused I got as a kid at primary school. My memories, Beverly shifted them truly, almost a 100% to the good part of my life as a child. I had a wonderful childhood, except for the beatings and the fear that cam with it. The police recommend ….. still investigated that forty odd years later. I find, once they ….. my confidence goes up and I feel like I’m gaining control over some of my issues left over from childhood.

Interviewer: Yes, and after you did this work. Because you were on a pension with your bipolar and you never worked, after you finished the work. You actually did some studying for a job.

Neil: Yes, that’s right.

Interviewer: And you actually got your first job.

Neil: It wasn’t much of a job, but I was very proud of it. I was actually bringing money into the household that I actually earned. It wasn’t a grant from the government, it wasn’t charity, it was something I went out and actually worked at to bring money into the household. And it didn’t last very long, perhaps 5 or 6 years only. But I have my dream ‘to pay tax’, seems like a joke, but I’ve always wanted to pay tax, I’ve always felt guilty a person on government expense and I wasn’t contributing. I tried my best to contribute, I’ve become a blood donor. I work a charities and barbecues and fund raising. With Beverly’s work I’m in a better place then I would have been without Beverly’s work.