Mother with depression who could not smile

Case study:  A mother with depression who could not smile.

I ran a group for 17 women with depression; it was held once a week for 3 hours over 5 weeks. A young woman in her thirties (a single mum with a 3 year old) attended; taking one look at her face and posture you could see she was totally depressed: she had no animation and her eyes were sad.

She started doing the Your Envisioned Mind steps; the first 2 sessions were on ‘Making your mind Safe & Happy’. She did these steps and then she met a sub personality (the part of her holding her depression) for the first time. She did put her depressed sub personality into the healing process: the group finished for the day and we all went home.

The next session (the third week) she came into the kitchen to get a coffee, where we all met before the group started. She looked different. She told this story: within days of putting her “Miss Depression” through the healing process she felt altogether different, she even began to smile. When she smiled at her three year old (for the first time ever) he ran to her and hugged her saying ‘I love you Mummy’. She started to cry as she finished telling us what happened, it was the first time he had ever said that to her.

mother and childWe all commented on how beautiful she looked now she was smiling.

It takes courage to get well; this woman attended a group where she knew no one. When working in groups on Your Envisioned Mind, the people go through the steps with rotating partners. Each attendee has their own workbook which has 2 simple forms detailing your hobbies, adversities and goals, which is private and does not have to be shown to anyone. The beauty of the process is; there is limited disclosure about your life, and as each step is completed, a record of your findings is written down in your own workbook, just like the self help kit.

The Your Envisioned Mind works with the limbic system which does not have a language, it stores the adversity you suffer in pictures, and therefore most of this process is gentle guided tours into your mind. Then after meeting and healing the sub personality who holds this adversity, the negative emotions just fade away.

Are you courageous like this young woman and determined to get well? The rewards are well worth it, just think what will be your reward, a child telling you he loves you? Getting the spark back into a relationship? Being able to keep a job, happily going to work?


Beverley F. Searle

B. Soc. Sc. (honors) Masters P.H.C.