Margaret – overcoming depression after 50 years

Overcoming depression which lasted 50 years with less than 10 hours of therapy.

Overcoming depression

Margaret: My names Margaret, I’m 70 years old and I’ve been suffering from depression for probably 50 years. A lot of it was caused by family violence. I think it was deep down I’ve managed to cover it up, I don think most people wold have realised that I was depressed, but I’ve constantly lived with it. My stomach churning and things like that, because I knew that I was depressed, it was time to cover it up.

Interviewer: Um, so you met me, and you did ‘Your Envisioned Mind’ and how many hours do you think we would have done?

Margaret: Not many hours, I think probably only 4? 4 or 5 hours think, and I’ve had no real depression since. I think we probably need a couple more hours to finish it, but it has been a lot better in the last few month, since I met you.

Interviewer: Yes, have you been practicing the techniques?

Margaret: Not everyday like you told me to.

Interviewer: What about once a week?

Margaret: Um, I’ve missed some weeks.

Interviewer: So, for the 3-4 months since we’ve been working, since you’ve done this. It’s been six months hasn’t it?

Margaret: Probably

Interviewer: The six months would you have gone back one or two times?

Margaret: Oh yeah, more than that probably. Maybe, 4 or 5 times.

Interviewer: And has the housekeeper been able to tell you how to cope with your depression?

Margaret: Yes, and I think the depression is a lot better than what it was before. I’d say it’s almost gone.

Interviewer: Would you recommend this to anybody?

Margaret: oh, anyone who is suffering with depression, they must come and see you. Don’t dilly-dally because that’s all the more time that you’re going to be depressed. I really believe that a couple more hours with you and will be totally cured. Unfortunately for me, life gets in the way of these things, and with all the good intentions that I’ve had. I haven’t, sort of, made time, I think of it when its not the right time to do it. That’s been my problem and I’m quite sure no more than another two hours would totally cure me. And probably even doing it myself, if I really put my mind to it. Maybe that would do it, even without you. Because I think I’ve got enough knowledge now to do it myself. I really only needed the. First few hours and then you can do it yourself. It’s very simple. And I believe pretty much anyone would be able to be cured within, I don’t know, within 8-9, 10 hours maximum.

Interviewer: You were in domestic violence for many, many years.

Margaret: Yes, and I noticed that when somebody gets abusive or verbally aggressive around you, that you would back away and sometime end up in tears. So what’s happened, is we did the process for that didn’t we?

Interviewer: Yeah

Margaret: And it has helped me now to stand up for myself and I find other people then back away. If they are going to be violent, they tend to back away if you stand up for yourself, um, get aggrieved back rather then just fall over in a jeep and cry.

Interviewer: I’m not saying that you’re actually… You’re 70, you’re not the physically violent kind of person and you’ve used the word aggressive. I’m saying assertive. Would you say it’s not really aggressive…. Aggression on your part but assertive, more assertive?

Margaret: That’s probably a better word, yes, because I’m not, as you say, and aggressive type of person. I’m more inclined to be very easy going most of the time. So yeah I guess more ‘assertive’ is a better word to use.

Interviewer: And it’s helped you a lot in your day to day life out with people?

Margaret: Oh yes, for sure. I recommend anyone who has any form of problems with depression or any other thing like that. Definitely they should come see you.

Interviewer: And do the ‘Your Envisioned Mind’. Especially because it can be done on the self help kit too.

Margaret: Yes sure, because some people are probably embarrassed to do it. If they do the self help kit they can do almost exactly the same thing, that would be easier for some people. Um, I think you better do the course though. Properly. But if you really feel embarrassed about it, then sure just get the self help kit and do it yourself. For me its easier to talk to someone, some people might find that harder. But for me definitely better than to talk to someone.