Let me introduce the Your Envisioned Mind process

Let me introduce myself and my Your Envisioned Mind process

Beverley Searle 2016 portraitAs an independent researcher who has been involved in the Mental Health Sector for over 20 years I have come to see that most people that have experienced adversity/trauma do not get well!  They may be stabilized with drugs, but the flashbacks still happen, the resulting depression, anxiety, stress etc. affect their lives, they rarely reach their full potential, being held back by these negative events and the inability to get past them!

I constantly questioned this. There must be a way; there must be a better way other than drugs! It often has been recommended that a person have regular counseling where talking about your negative experiences child abuse, rape etc. often this can go on for years.

Your Envisioned Mind processFor example: One woman was raped at 18, she spent many months dealing with this awful experience, reliving it, being triggered every time she speaks of it; and then she moved on with her life. About twenty years later she was raped again; and was told she would have to deal with the first rape (again) before she could work on this second one. She walked away, as she told me she was not going through it all again. (She did the Your Envisioned Mind in 4 sessions; she met and healed the raped sub-personality. No re-triggering or huge emotional trauma, and she now knew she could leave these experiences behind her forever and move on.)

I am an avid independent researcher in the trauma/adversity and every spare moment I have been researching, attending conferences, speaking with thousands who have had these negative life experiences. It wasn’t until I came across Psycho-synthesis, a personality theory by Alberto Assagioli. His theory made a lot of sense to me!  I could now integrate my trauma research into a context which would be the theory underpinning the Your Envisioned Mind process.

EVERYTHING about the Your Envisioned Mind process has been first done on me: the embryonic theory I did in my own head!  I adjusted on each step, tuned and adjusted again until the step worked! I have family and friends who let me try this approach out on them, (weren’t they wonderful to do this?).  Then I added another part or step and started all over again with the testing, and adjusting.  My friends also gave me suggestions which I then tried out and if they worked (again in my own head) I would add this to the Your Envisioned Mind process until it became a complete formula, a 9 step process. I created several self help kits for specific problems like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, hoarding, 15 in total. For more complex needs there are follow up sessions available which can only be done with an accredited consultant.

And this is why I quote Roberto Assagiolo 1888-1974

The most important results in Psychotherapy have come about from
INDEPENDENT RESEARCHERS rather than academic psychologists.
This is perhaps due to the independent researchers have a great deal of experiential evidence and build their theories from observing a vast array of clients, rather than formulating theories based on laboratory experiments, other people’s theories, or personal fancy”.


B. Soc. Sc. (honors) Masters P.H.C.

There is a principle which is a buffer against any information, which is proof against all argument and which does not fail to keep every human being in constant ignorance. This principle is to condemn before researching.” Herbert Spencer.(1820-1903)