Depression counseling is for you when:Depression counseling

  • You are not sure if you could learn the process with a self help kit
  • You would like to go through this journey with a person not an online program
  • You have more complex issues to solve

Our counselors have YOUR very best interests at heart and so your best option is to purchase some time with one of them…
We can quickly and easily organize this for you…
It is a very easy process.
And please don’t worry.
There are absolutely no high-pressure sales techniques whatsoever…

And Lets Begin YOUR Wonderful Journey of Recovery Today!

Counseling 4.5 hours US$
Helping the whole way. Three online sessions of 1.5 hours, sufficient to help you with your depression and give more deeper fine tuning, to reclaim your life & smile. A one off payment see purchase agreement details **
Price: $540.00

** Purchase agreement: No-shows or partly used sessions are non refundable.

Occasionally Beverley Searle personally accept private clients. Normally it takes 3 to 5 sessions of 1.5 hours, one week apart,  to help you through the process and start to see results. In the first session Beverley establishes the basis of the process to a point that you can continue on your own till the next session. In the second and third sessions Beverley helps you with issues that came up and guides you through the next steps of the process. After the 3rd session Beverley assesses with you the need for more consultations.

If you want to book sessions with Beverley personally use the button below or phone +61 423 520 682.

After you booking we will contact you as soon as possible to make an appointment for your first session.

** Purchase agreement: No-shows or partly used sessions are non refundable.