You need help for depression? You are at the right place.

The question is what is the best help for you in your current situation?

  • Scientific Depression Test Are you diagnosed with depression and how severe is your depression? Not sure how about taking our scientific test for depression developed by the psychology department of the University of New South Wales, Australia. UNSW
  • Help with Negative EmotionsIt could be that you just have problems with negative emotions. Negative emotions can be managed in a very easy way following a simple course developed Beverley Searle and is called “Photocrop Your Mind” Click this link for help with negative emotions!
  • Simply depressionA mild depression can be overcome with a program that is called “Simply Depression“. It is an online program developed to do on your own in the privacy of your own environment. It is based on the Your Envisioned Mind program and helped many people. After you finished the “Simply Depression” and you still have issues we advice you to book some time with one of our accredited counselors.
  • Depression self help kitWhen you have depression and you are confident “Self Help” with some email support from an accredited counselor will help you to overcome your depression than the “Depression Self help Kit” is right for you. Delivered online so you can go through the whole process in the comfort of your own environment.
  • Mentor PackageWhen you have depression and you need extra help from a mentor, who will encourage you throughout the process, than the Mentor Package is right for you. Delivered online so you can go through the whole process in the comfort of your own environment with short 10 minutes contacts of your mentor.
  • Depression CounselingIf “Self Help” is not an option and you would like to do the whole Your Envisioned Mind program with a counselor than book your sessions on the counselors page.

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