Your Envisioned Mind is a totally new approach backed by scientific research.

It is a gentle and powerful process which allows you to alleviate any adversities that have or are happening in your life.
The process is safe and non-threatening and as you are guided through the steps you are in control of healing yourself.
It is non-confrontational and respects that each experience is one that is unique to you.
Adversity is stored in the mind, not as words rather as pictures and feelings.
Rather then re-programming (NLP) or subduing we completely remove those pictures stored with all your negative emotions.
The process is able to be completed within weeks and the benefits last a lifetime.

Your Envisioned Mind is individually tailored to meet your specific needs.
Let us know your challenges and we’ll provide you with the best program.

Help for Depression
Help for post-traumatic stress (PTSD or CPTSD)
Help for Eating Disorders
Emergency Contacts for Mental Crisis