How do you overcome Depression?

Adversity is the cause of depression!

This could be small adversities over a period of time which build up, or a severe one such as the death of a loved one.

Research has shown that adversities/traumas are stored in the Limbic System; which is the emotional set of the brain. And the most unusual thing about the Limbic system is that it does not have a language! That’s right it cannot hear/comprehend or speak words.

The language parts of the brain are called Wernicke’s and Broca’s

The Wernicke’s section’s main function is to understand language, whereas the Broca’s area is involved mainly in producing speech.

So you may ask ‘So what does this have to do with depression?’

Language does not have any bearing on the Limbic System, so it does not matter how long you talk about your problems or what you talk about in your understanding of your depression. Talking allows you to come to terms as to why you are depressed: but this does not change the pictures you have stored in the Limbic System, they are all there; holding your adversities.limbic system

And another thing about the Limbic system is that it does not have a clock in there giving the passage of time since the traumatic events. You may have been 6 years old when the event happened and you are now 76 year old, but the Limbic System thinks it happened only moments before! And because it is the emotional seat of the brain, you can be trigger the negative emotions by something which reminds you of this event. The more times you activate these memories the stronger these negative emotions become.

And that is why many go into depression and cannot get over it!

So what is the answer?

Well you have to change the pictures in the Limbic
System! As far as I know (and I have spent over 20 years studying adversity and the mind) the medical model does not know how.

But I do!

I have developed an 8 step formula which allows you to do just that: get your free report at Your Envisioned Mind on how you too can overcome depression at in the privacy of your own home in just a few short weeks. Guaranteed.


Beverley F. Searle

B. Soc. Sc. (honors)

Masters P.H.C.