How Anorexia affects Relationships

Is your partner suffering from anorexia

This is a difficult situation due to the other person not being able to relate at a physical or emotional level. With a partner often not seeing a reason to live, they are often full of remorse, guilt and self hatred for not being able to be the partner they should be.

A mother with anorexia and depression often fails to take care of her children’s physical or emotional needs.  She often drags herself around all day trying to get some of the basic housework done, many times lying on the sofa all day not having the energy to move.

When someone in the home has anorexia, the whole household is affected; especially the children.  All should take an interest in assisting the hurting person to seek treatment because it is curable.

But how? There is nothing worse than trying to get someone who is suffering from anorexia to talk over their problems, and as you know telling them to eat or challenging them by asking ‘why don’t you just eat?’ Gets you nowhere. Many times the person does not know why they are not eating.

anorexia mirrorI have found that often the part of a person (sub-personality) suffering with Anorexia is very young, many times about 3 years old! I believe this could be one of the reasons why when looking into the mirror they see themselves as fat, because they are seeing through the eyes of a 3 year old and the person in the mirror is bigger than they are. Sound logical to you?

The wonderful thing about Your Envisioned Mind is exactly that, you do not need to talk! You find and heal the part of you who is suffering by using the mp3s and letting your mind guide you.

Sound simple? It is.

If you are suffering from an eating disorder and want to get on the path to a healthier life than visit the Eating Disorder page for more information.


B. Soc. Sc. (honors) Masters P.H.C.