A new approach offers help for PTSD sufferers.

Do you suffer from PTSD that is debilitating your life?

Does your future look bleak and without hope?help for ptsd
Is each and every day a struggle?
Does your PTSD take up all of your time and energy?
Do you feel depressed, anxious or maybe even totally desperate?
Does your PTSD control your whole life?
Are your family, friends and those close to you unable to help? Are they also struggling to find the right help for PTSD?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then realize that PTSD is exceedingly complex and not just a “single issue”. Most clients also struggle with depression, stress, and anxiety. So a holistic approach that treats the causes off all these symptoms is the right help for PTSD.

sad-statisticsThe sad picture of PTSD

PTSD is not selective everyone who experiences any kind of trauma in their life can develop PTSD.
The following statistics show us the sad reality of the impact PTSD has in the world.

  • In America, the PTSD statistics notes that 70% of Americans or roughly 224 million of them suffer from a traumatic experience, 20% of whom eventually develop PTSD. Yearly, around 7.7 million American adults get affected by the disorder.
  • In Australia, PTSD is the second most common mental health disorder (the most common being depression), with around 800,000 Australian victims.(Australian Center for Post Traumatic Mental Health)
  • In Europa Croatia had the highest incidence of PTSD at 6.67%, followed by Netherlands at 3.30%, and UK at 3%. (European Brain Council)
  • Veteran Affairs’ National Research Advisory Council notes that 17% of combat troops are women and that 71% of female military personnel suffer from PTSD as a result of sexual trauma.
  • PTSD statistics in the military increased by as much as 50% in recent years.

PTSD or CPTSD alleviated by new treatment process

From what you have read here, your own experiences, information gathered from others with PTSD, social media, and support groups, as well as whatever else you have learned about post-traumatic stress, the future looks bleak, doesn’t it? The picture in your mind is filled with negative thoughts and emotions!

What about changing that picture?

Knock PTSD on the head

Knock PTSD or CPTSD on the head NOW!

The good news is that your mind is very powerful and you have the ability to change that bleak picture of your future into a bright, healthy one. Your mind is powerful and in control of you, just as the PTSD is in control of you. By changing the picture in your mind, you will be able to alleviate your PTSD.

How is this possible? Well, Beverley F Searle, an Australian independent researcher, and mental health specialist has created a process called Your Envisioned Mind. Beverley has spent the last 20 years creating this process and helping people with mental health disorders (including PTSD) getting better. Your Envisioned Mind’s (drug-free not talking therapy) treatment process for PTSD is based on 20 years of scientific research, integrating Neuropsychological theories of trauma, memory storage and retrieval from the Limbic System and subpersonality theory based in Psychosynthesis.

Why have you not heard of her? The reason is that as an independent researcher, totally self-funded she was not in a position to tell the world about her discovery. Since 2016 that changed with the co-operation of some very dedicated people who did set up a non-profit organisation with the same name as her process Your Envisioned Mind.

We are the only licensed organisation to provide help for PTSD or CPTSD with this process.

test result firemanAs PTSD can have many causes every client is treated according to their unique circumstances. For instance the fireman with a clear work-related PTSD. Or the many women with a history of abuse. Man and women who have traumas from their childhood and experience the negative effects over many years.
It is possible to overcome this debilitating PTSD or CPTSD when you have a strong commitment to getting better and allow us to work with you in the healing process. Get the right help for PTSD or CPTSD as soon as possible, it will change your life for the better.

The statistics shown in this picture are from the Fireman who we helped to overcome his PTSD. The results speak for themselves.

  • On initial consultation, the fireman was tested and his PTSD on a scale of 1-100 was 57/100 and after the Your Envisioned Mind process his new test score was 3/100. This equates to a 95% improvement in his PTSD that all in just 5 weeks. (Testing method PCL-Weathers et al, 1993)
  • His Depression went from mild to normal, and no anxiety.
  • Stress from moderate to normal (Testing method DASS 21 Psychology Department, UNSW)
  • After 12 years of walking around with that burden of post-traumatic stress, he is full of life again.  Read the full blog post here, or watch this short video

You too can overcome your PTSD just like that fireman. Just like him, take the first brave step to contact us and let’s create a plan to regain your life.

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Consider working with Your Envisioned Mind and allowing us to help you alleviate your PTSD or CPTSD?

How does it work? Well, the process works firstly on finding the cause/causes of your PTSD and healing them. It is done in the privacy of your own home via the internet with video conferencing. We have recently worked with a client who used her iPhone and the sessions went extremely well.
What can You expect from our comprehensive program?

  • The first step is to fill out a form and do a test (nothing complicated!) which allows us to understand your specific situation.
  • After this, you attend a webinar which explains the theory behind Your Envisioned Mind
  • This is followed by a video conference session (one-on-one with your consultant) which goes for approximately 1 ½ -2 hours and allows you to go straight into the healing phase.
  • You do have some work to do however it is easy and only takes a few minutes per day.
  • Follow-up sessions can be scheduled weekly (or as is suitable for you) and last between 1 – 1½ hours.
  • After 3 months or when needed earlier, you will do some more tests to see where in the healing process you are.
  • Your Envisioned Mind is a small non-profit organisation and we are not subsidised by any institution. All our clients found a way to invest in their own health. Pricing starts from $197.

We are more than happy to provide you with extra information.
Just fill in the details below and our aim is to respond within one working day.

Wishing you a bright and healthy future.
The team at Your Envisioned Mind

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