Harris – Mild Depression Anxiety

Interview with Harris who overcame mild depression anxiety using the Your Envisioned Mind process.

Transcription of the interview:

Harris: this was my first experience

Interviewer: and how did you actually feel before the course?

Harris: I was a little bit broken, or you can say surviving. Survival. Surviving anxiety and this thing. Now I know that where I am now standing, what I have to do. And I am trying to define more, trying to get in more… You know.

Interviewer: Before you did all kinds of affirmations and so?

Harris: Yeah, by myself. I was surviving like ah… I was living with the negative people actually. For two years I lived with them. One guy was a druggy and the other couple, they were like a fighting couple, all the time they were fighting. The guy brings other girls and girl would bring other guys. So for me it was like a little bit awkward and they gave me a room, all the wallpaper was out and very depressing that room, so put the… I written good quotations, positive quotations, so I can change myself already and I’d done it. So I gathered some of my friends, at that time I was working in a restaurant, so there are some people who comes there, who are alone, so I make them friends.

Interviewer: Yeah

Harris: So after that we work it out together, means like… They don’t have any problems, but you know we need some friends to go along.

Interviewer: So you had loneliness, a type of light depression and anxiety problems?

Harris: Depression was like, if someone… like… at home everyone is telling you “you are stupid. You are going in the wrong way” this and that. That means in my work place. And in my work place people are totally opposite, they say “you are a very good guy” and this and that “you help us”. I was, I feel lonely that’s why I was helping them. So when I go home I feel depressed. Because they are saying good and when I go home I feel awkward. So….

Interviewer: So you did a process with a consultant, and how is the Your Envisioned Mind process going? What was your experience? Was it difficult? Was it easy?

Harris: From experience, in my words I can say that the experience was… *smile* I was thinking ‘why are they asking this type of questions?’ That I maybe this… But the funny part is, that imagination have helped me to find myself. I found an inner peace with it, and after two, three sessions I feel more calm and more in control of myself. And everything that comes from the outside, especially from my boss sometimes he gets angry on me, I don’t feel anything. I don’t feel like ‘I’m gonna lose my job’, I don’t feel like he makes me sad or something. It’s just part of the job.

Interviewer: Good, fantastic. And what would you say t other people about the Your Envisioned Mind process? About the results you got from this?

Harris: Well, I told my close friends actually, because they know what was my problem, so I told them. But before telling them, they were feeling that I’m a little bit changed before them. When I told them that I asked a girl out, they said “how, this could never be you, you are always afraid”. Then I told them I go for this process, it’s changing my life. So it was a surprise for them.

Interviewer: So also you relationship got better. You got better relationships out of this?

Harris: With the friends and clients.

Interviewer: And family?

Harris: And family, it’s no become very different. What has happened, before this process I was a little bit stay away from my family and other people, because I feel a bit of anxiety. I feel like they don’t accept me, what I am. So after this process I just tell them “this is me, if you accept me that is good, because I accept you and what you are”. So it helped me to accept myself after doing this process and I changed myself.

Interviewer: Yeah

Harris: Because all the hints are just in my mind, so I just have to work it out. Because of this process I am working it out now.

Interviewer: So you feel more under control.

Harris: More under control. Plus if I have any problems I take 5-10 minutes off from my work and just think of what was in the process, so it makes me calm. I feel like I have that thing, so I feel calm, then I can start working again.

Interviewer: So it’s a tool for life?

Harris: It’s a tools for life and it gives me more focus which is good too.

Interviewer: Yeah, and what do you plan to do I the future with this?

Harris: Well, for me, I’m looking forward to getting to do my own business. After this process, what happened is, clients love me more, they want me to work for them, not the company so… I look forward to doing business or something. But, first I’ll finish my studies then I will look. But that is my plan.

Interviewer: So others have really noticed a change in you?

Harris: Yes, especially my close friends.

Interviewer: Good, good, fantastic.

Harris: My cousin who lives with me, he feel a little bit change to me because I’ve become very frank, very funny too, so that’s why maybe. According to him.

Interviewer: That’s very good, very positive.

Harris: Plus, if there is something bad I just tell them. So I found that way a try to practice on it. Which I think is a great way to do and listen to good music. Not the bad music, because like that gives you more…. The music that gives you more relaxation is good. I’ll talk to people about positive stuff, that makes you more positive.

Interviewer: That’s fantastic. Well that’s it.

Harris: that’s it?


Interviewer: Thanks for that.