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Eating disorders alleviated by New Treatment process

From what you have read here, your own experiences, information gathered from others with eating disorders, social media, and support groups, as well as whatever else you have learned about eating disorders, the future looks bleak, doesn’t it? The picture in your mind is filled with negative thoughts and emotions.
What about changing that picture! time for change The good news is that your mind is very powerful and you have the ability to change that bleak picture of your future into a bright, healthy one. Your mind is powerful and in control of you, just as the eating disorder is in control of you. By changing the picture in your mind, you will be able to alleviate your eating disorder.
How is this possible? Well, Beverley F Searle, an Australian independent researcher and mental health specialist, has created a process called Your Envisioned Mind.
Beverley has spent the last 20 years creating this process and helping people with mental health disorders (including anorexia nervosa) get better. Why have you not heard of her? The reason is that as an independent researcher, totally self-funded she was not in a position to tell the world about her discovery.

However, Beverley is now an Amazon best selling author with her book " What doctors don't want you to know about anorexia".
Reading her book will surely make a significant change in your life!
Beverley knows her process works from the many people she has treated, including those with eating disorders. When Beverley works with a client, she gives them the tools to change their mental state and overcome and alleviate their eating disorder.
Beverley leaves her client with a positive outlook for a bright and healthy future.

eating disordersIn Beverley’s book she shares the journey of three women; Paula, Sarah and Emma who with Beverley’s process have been healed and have bright and healthy futures ahead of them.
Do you want this too?
It is possible when you have a strong commitment to overcome this debilitating eating disorder and allow us to work with you in the healing process. You may already have a support person to look after your physical well-being and that is great. Together we will make a team that supports you all the way! Don’t worry if you don’t have any support person, we will make sure the right support people are there to help you. Now we don’t need to paint you a picture of what will happen if you don’t take action. We’ve talked about that bleak scenario already.

Consider participating in the program and allowing us to help you alleviate your eating disorder?

How would your eating disorder program work for you? Well, the program is focused on finding the cause/causes of your eating disorder and healing them. It is done in the privacy of your own home via the internet and over Skype. We have recently worked with a client who used her iPhone and the sessions went extremely well.
What can You expect:
  • The first step is to fill out a form and do a test (nothing complicated!) which allows us to understand your specific situation.YEM program
  • After this, you attend a webinar which explains the theory behind Your Envisioned Mind
  • This is followed by a video /Skype session which goes for approximately 1 ½ -2 hours and allows you to go straight into the healing phase.
  • At any time you are able to discuss your physical healing needs with your support person.
  • You do have some work to do, however it is easy and only takes a few minutes per day.
  • Follow up sessions can be scheduled weekly (or as is suitable for you) and last between 1 – 1½ hours.
  • We will assist you over a period of 6 months with everything you need to alleviate your eating disorder and other mental issues that come up.
We are more than happy to provide you with extra information about the eating disorder program.
Just fill in the details below and our aim is to respond within one working day.

Wishing you a bright and healthy future.
The team at Your Envisioned Mind

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