Do you have a Mr or Miss Depression?

Do you know the books about Mr or Miss Depression?

Many of you may have read the Mr Men or Little Miss Books by Roger Hargreaves (©THOIP), how he portrayed emotions as people, Mr. Happy, Grumpy, Perfect or Miss Bossy or Neat: these lovable books demonstrated individual moods and roles.

Now your moods and roles are in psychological terms: your sub-personalities/ ego states or identities. .
Sub-personalities are created to hold your ‘lived experiences’ since you were born. All those psychical skills you learned, e.g. writing, skipping etc all exist as different sub-personalities and some become dominant in your life as moods and roles.

Sub-personalities are always there but it takes you doing the skill which brings them out. Remember being told, ‘do something different, this will change your mood’! This is exactly right, when you do something different, you are changing sub-personalities!

So do you have a sub-personality a Mr. or Miss Depression?
Unfortunately when you experience sadness or depression at a young age you created one, everyone does; but it is only if there is repeated prolonged adversity that this one becomes stronger and stronger and eventually he/she can grow so strong that Mr. /Miss Depression take over.
What can be done about it?
Did you know that you can meet and heal this part of you? There is a technique which allows you to do this in a gentle and powerful way. It is called Your Envisioned Mind, and you can get your own self help kit by going to.

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Beverley F Searle
Grad Cert. Community Health (Mental Health)
Bachelor Social Science (Honors)
Masters Primary Health Care