you don't need a reason to help people

But if you want to really change lives, and HELP PEOPLE STUCK IN SEEMINGLY HOPELESS SITUATIONS, you do need a system…

Imagine… YOU Are Helping People to Find Emotional Healing, Lasting Relief from Mental Disorders, Vibrant Hope for the Future and… You are Loving Every Single Minute of It!

If you are the sort of person, who has always dreamed of helping others overcome their past and present hurts, and actually getting well paid for it, then this is YOUR DREAM-COME-TRUE!

We would like to invite you to consider becoming part of an exciting new initiative, designed to help people overcome the effects of ‘adverse life events’ with our Your Envisioned Mind program.

consultant workshop-2One Woman’s Astonishing Discovery and
How She Uses it to Change Hopeless Situations into Empowering Solutions

Your Envisioned Mind applies a unique technique developed by Beverley F. Searle, an independent researcher and mental health consultant.

A Shocking True Story…

Beverley suffered from soul-destroying depression for many long years, caused by horrific childhood abuse.

Depression blighted her days and tormented her nights. She felt totally trapped in its unrelenting, suffocating, nauseous, vice-like grip.

So she did what millions of others have done and sought professional help.

But much to her dismay, 15 different highly-trained psychiatrists and psychologists each drew a total blank. Not one of them, even though highly qualified and totally sincere professionals, were able to help her experience the healing and freedom she so desperately needed and yearned for.

And so it seemed, to Beverley, that there was no hope in sight.

It certainly felt that way.

But then, she threw herself into a heartfelt quest to find her own cure.

And never one to do anything by halves…

  • She spent 9 long years at university
  • Earned 4 separate degrees
  • Selflessly volunteered for 7 years doing home and telephone support
  • Ran numerous support groups
  • And ended up as the CEO of an organization specializing in adult survivors of child abuse.
  • On top of all this Beverley has also presented as a speaker for World and Australasian conferences on Mental Health.

To quote her own words:

“After being written off by the experts as a ‘Hopeless Case’ I refused to give up on myself.
I cured myself, helped hundreds of others with my discoveries and am now passionately committed about taking what I discovered to the world via my new Unique Your Envisioned Mind process

A Breakthrough Discovery, Set to Bring Hope to Millions of People

Over the last 20 years, Beverley’s easy to use, step-by-step technique, has been successfully adapted and used in 4 different areas:

  1. Mental Health: To lessen or alleviate the effects of mental health disorders like Depression, Stress, Anxiety and Panic Disorders, Self Harming/Self Injuring, Addiction, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), OCD, Anger, Eating Disorders like Anorexia and Bulimia. The latest trials showed on average we reduce PTSD by 67%, depression 66%, Anxiety 72% within 5 weeks.
  2. In Business: Helping managers/executives/business owners to arrange their mind in such away that they achieve excellence without the stress and anxiety. And prevent  burn out in the workforce.
  3. In Education: Helping students to memorise information easily, significantly reduce exam anxiety and improve their grades almost instantly.
  4. In Sports: Helping sports people to break through barriers they thought are impossible to achieve.

Your Envisioned Mind   (the company)  is the only licensor of Beverley’s unique process called Your Envisioned Mind which  can only be applied by accredited consultants.

What You Receive with Our Accreditation…

As an Accredited Your Envisioned Mind consultant, you will be trained and accredited to use the exact same program that Beverley uses.

7 Benefits You Will Enjoy:

1. First hand experience how the process helps YOU.

2. Easy-to-follow step by step instructions on how to work with a client.

3. In-depth training videos walking you through the entire process in real time so you fully understand how the process works with a client

4. Powerful insights from real-life case studies that you can learn and profit from.

5. 3 different ways to help a client overcome a negative emotion

6. Monthly “Your Questions Answered” Webinars for consultants only, here you can get your hardest questions answered in real time.

7. Being a member of a worldwide team helping others with an evidence based process underpinned by 20 years of research, with Ongoing training, updates and support.


YOU if  are working in health care or community care and have experience with caring for or coaching people.

YOU if you are a life coach or work in the wellness industry

YOU if you have: Certificates in Counseling, Aged Care, Early Childhood, Teaching or Teacher’s Aides.

NOTE: If you have no official qualifications but worked in the field for years, you are still invited to apply [each case will be treated on an individual basis].
Full details of the program will be emailed to you after application.

How is the program delivered to clients?

Your Envisioned Mind can be delivered to clients in a variety of formats, including:

1. A Self Help Kit with limited email support by an accredited consultant or with a mentor.

2. The whole program plus an accredited consultant and internet tools. The client chooses an accredited consultant who takes him/her through the whole process  delivered via internet based video conference/ videos recordings/ webinars.

3. The program can also be delivered in group sessions, due to the fact that clients don’t need to disclose their ‘adverse life events’.

4. There is also the option of a special day training for business people, where small groups can be supported by an  accredited consultant.

We run marketing campaigns to attract customers in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and UK.

Beverley’s book, “What doctors do not want you to know about Anorexia” was published  on Amazon and became a bestseller.

Besides Beverley’s anorexia book, her next book will focus on the 4 areas of support mental health, business, education and sport  and have in-dept case studies which you, the accredited consultant can use as a reference guide. We expect many inquiries in the wake of that publication.

So you can see why we need accredited consultants to support the influx of clients, especially when they don’t want to do the program alone.
consultant workshop-3

What Is Involved In YOU Becoming An Accredited Consultant With Your Envisioned Mind?

 There are 3 stages and these are:

  1. Initial conversation with one of our leading consultants to get to know each other.
  2. Personally experiencing the unique process with one of our leading  consultants.
  3. Being trained to become a fully licensed consultant.

1. Initial conversation.

Just a chat to get to know each other and see if this is really for you or not.Initial

2. Personally experiencing the unique process with one of our leading consultants.

It is very important that our consultants experience the Your Envisioned Mind process themselves. Everyone can benefit from the process to overcome the effects of adversities and to build them up for a better future.  That is why this consulting with one of our leading consultants is such an important and separate step in the process. Experience taught us that this could involve up to 10 hours of consulting, over a period of some weeks. Once this process has been successfully applied, YOU and we will know if you are a suitable candidate to become an accredited consultant and you will be invited to start the full training.

3. Being trained to become a fully licensed consultant.

This training will consist of theory and practical sessions all done online.  The time involved depends on your skills and the number of supervised sessions with clients. Realistically this can be done within a time span of one month.  Some of the topics include:

  1. The theory Your Envisioned Mind is based on.
  2. The proper intake procedure of a new client
  3. The treatment protocol(s)
  4. Measuring the progress of a client
  5. Minimal 3 supervised consulting session with real clients.
  6. How to run group session
  7. Mid-treatment report and progress
  8. Final measuring of clients progress, feedback and certification provision.

As an organisation we are treating many clients and everyone is different. That gives us a lot of information and case studies to share. Also to keep up with new research and to support you, we have monthly webinars/video conferences only for accredited consultants.


Why would you invest in becoming an accredited consultant?

Please consider the following:

  • How many more people could you help each week if you knew you had one therapy that you could count on to work for each of them — whether they are suffering from anorexia, chronic depression, or a deeply buried traumatic incident?
  • What would your day be like if you didn’t need to constantly ‘switch gears’ to help each client?
  • What if you could adapt one therapy to each situation with the confidence that you’re leading your client down the path of progress – even for the most stubborn and most persistent issues?
  • Can you imagine the amount of functionality you could restore to your clients in the next two to three months, even if they’ve been stagnant for years?
  • We have found that once the person is over their major issue, usually within weeks, then some may need to learn to live life without their disorder and learn new life skills. This may require mutual beneficial partnerships for referrals.
  • Now, imagine what such positive client outcomes will do to your bottom line each month!


What we will provide you with:

  • Full training on the Your Envisioned Mind program
  • A user-friendly web page for promoting your business
  • A comprehensive practitioner’s online system
  • Practitioner’s record book (online)
  • Practitioner’s/ Client manual
  • Special membership to a website for accredited consultants only
  • Regular webinars with ongoing training and Q&A if needed

Your Investment for becoming an accredited consultant is as follows.

  1. Initial conversation (FREE)
  2. Personally experiencing the unique process with one of our leading consultant. As mentioned this could be up to 10 hours of counseling, which is valued at US$1495. Experience has shown that You personally will  benefit enormously from this part of the course. We have  already seen many clients transform themselves and their lives. For those in business their business thrived. Because this is part of the overall course to become an accredited consultant your investment is only US$995. Even if you decided afterwards not to become accredited, no hard feeling that discount is yours to keep.
  3. Being trained to become a fully licenced consultant. Only accredited consultants will be licensed to deliver the Your Envisioned Mind program. Your investment in this part of the training is US$2495.

And if you need it, we do have a simple payment plan in place [for a slightly higher investment] please ask us about that.
consultant workshop-4
Obviously you are interested, or you never would have read this far. So here’s what to do next, simply pop your details in the easy response form below and lets arrange a time for a quick chat…
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If you have any questions, please contact Wim Ooms on +61 423 520 682



P.S. This is a genuine opportunity for you to make a significant difference
in the lives of other people while making a serious income… living
Life on YOUR terms and working the hours that suit you!