Anorexia and stress

Anorexia and stress

We live in stressful times, these stresses often lead to anorexia, and depression! But why do 2 people experiencing the same series of events react differently: one takes the events in their stride and remains calm; the other stresses over them, not coping at all.

It is because of how both interpret the events!  Due to past negative events or beliefs about themselves, the new stressful events connect to these wrong beliefs residing in their subconscious mind: the interpretation of the new events is; it’s stressful.

These negative destructive beliefs can cause a person to distort the way he/she views themselves and also how they react to life events.

So what can be done about it? Well you can spend years in therapy, which many people do to try to understand why they set stressed or understand their childhood which left them with the negative beliefs about themselves., they talk and talk about their childhood and negative beliefs over and over: but it does not change these past negative events. Why not? Because negative/adverse events are stored in an area of the brain which does not have language: plus the language part of the brain cannot communicate with this area which is the limbic system, and most likely doesn’t even know it exists! Strange but true.

Your Envisioned Mind allows you to gently work with Mp3s and manual to undo the emotional effects of your childhood! which has led to you developing anorexia. You do this by first creating a ‘safe and happy’ mind and then meeting and healing the parts of you (sub-personalities) who hold the negative events and the result of these beliefs.

Then you can instigate a new way of eating which is healthy and nutritious to assist you in your daily life to cope with the daily stressors.

If you are suffering from an eating disorder and want to get on the path to a healthier life than visit the Eating Disorder page for more information.


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