Your Envisioned Mind is a non-profit organisation that is considered to be in the process of becoming the world authority in assisting people to remove exactly those psychological obstacles in their subconsciousness that stop them to become healthy and successful. It provides a variety of programs, support mechanism and environments to address the individual needs of its clients. All profits made are donated to the Change Your Past Foundation, which is funding further research and education in developing effective and safe programs for psycho-synthesis.

Our Mission is to –

Educate, guide and mentor every client with integrity and transparency to not only achieve their individual health and success goals, but to do so in an easy, relaxed and positive manner and earlier than thought possible

Our Vision is to –

Be acknowledged and recognised as the singular most reputable authority in psycho-synthesis with the most complete and client friendly program available and a track-record of the highest success rate in the world

Company Strategy

Our Purpose is to serve mankind to create a new, empowered future by –

  • Educating, guiding and mentoring every person to overcome their past
  • Providing them with tailored solutions for their individual needs

Our business offers its clients the following benefits (Core Competency):

a) Expert leadership team known for its –

  • Outstanding track record and competence
  • Personal and professional integrity
  • Persistence and commitment to make a difference

b) Detailed, straight-forward and easy-to-follow Self-Help Kits as a powerful tool for every-one to help themselves
c) Outstanding Certification Training for qualified, hand-picked Consultants to assist any-one in need for additional assistance
d) Specific Education provided in Group Sessions, empowering every-one that wishes to break through any barriers that stop them to experience their ultimate business, sport, education and/or relationships success
e) Multi Week-long Retreats for those with challenges that require an even more personalised and intensive support structure

Our Core Values are to –

  • Respect, honour and return the trust given to us through dedication and commitment
  • Serve with humility, compassion and the intention to inspire and to empower
  • Acknowledge the different challenges and opportunities of any individual client
  • Be transparent in everything we do

Our passion is

  • Working with people and assisting them to create new possibilities in their lives
  • Seeing our client’s health and success goals achieved in a very short period of time
  • Watching how our clients grow and how we are growing with them
  • Creating a legacy by dedicating our skills, experience and efforts to those that require them
  • Embracing the challenges given to us and together with our clients enjoying the ride and thrill of doing what most people consider impossible

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Your Envisioned Mind is run as an independent division of AllGo Productions Pty Ltd.