A reference from Neil a mentally ill person

A reference from Neil a mentally ill person for 20 years after he did the Your Envisioned Mind

I have known Beverley Searle for about 10 years. She would often call in for a coffee and she would talk about her research, which I found very interesting.

locked dooorBeverley would offer to do her therapy with me, but as I have been in the Mental Illness sector for over 20 years; with many hospital stays in lockup wards, I did not believe other than taking my drugs that things could get better.

I finally said to Beverley I would give it a go!

Five years ago I started doing her therapy. Every 2 months we met to work through the 8 steps of ‘Your Envisioned Mind’ then ‘fine tuning’ this process to my wants and needs and ‘boy did it pay off’.

No longer did I spend much of my day reliving my horrible childhood, I was consumed by my memories of my physical tormentors, and I was frightened much of the time, which led to a form of paranoia and obsession. This fear in conjunction with my bi-polar stopped me from having a full active life.

1 had done over 10 years of martial arts but I still had all the fear. Contrastingly the work I did with Beverley was more efficient in restoring my moods and balance, which has led to a better quality of life.

I have been told for years ‘be positive’ ‘cheer up’ ‘you can do better’ but for the first time I was shown a better and gentler way to achieve this. What ‘Your Envisioned Mind’ has done for me is: minimizing the negative memories and giving me a positive future.

I have now finished training for the open work force and have held down my first job in 27 years. I can now drive and park in the city without fretting. There has been subtle progress and I can look back over these last few years and realize ‘I can do things now which I have been unable to do all my life’.

Now I am the bloke I should have been!

Neil T. 52. Findon.


Beverley F. Searle

B. Soc. Sc. (honors) Masters P.H.C.

PS. if Neil who had been in lock up wards and been on heavy medication for over 20 years can get well, so can you!