Unique drug-free (not-talking therapy) process that helps you to overcome mental issues and gives a better quality of life

Your Envisioned Mind's unique process has been successfully applied to lessen or alleviate the effects of mental health disorders like Depression, Stress, Anxiety and Panic Disorders, Self Harming/Self Injuring, Addiction, Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD), OCD, Anger, Eating Disorders like Anorexia and Bulimia.
Healing your traumas without re-living them!

Post Traumatic Stress

Post Traumatic Stress

New PTSD treatment gives you fresh perspectives and strategies to get a better quality of life. Reclaim your life, take action now!

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Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders

See how Paula, Janette and Sarah successfully overcame eating disorders with new treatment process. You can do that too.

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Depression, Anxiety, Stress

Depression, Anxiety, Stress

Living with depression sucks! The people who took the step to get our help to overcome their depression are now reclaiming their life.

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How many people are suffering from Mental Health Disorders?yem-self-doubt-424968_960_720

According to a conservative estimation of the World Health Organization (WHO) 350 million people (that is 5% of the population) suffer from depression alone. But what is the number of people suffering, if one adds other mental illnesses such as anxiety, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress (PTSD), phobias, addiction, obsessions & compulsions (OCD), bi-polar, schizophrenia or dissociative identities (multi-personalities), hearing voices, having uncontrolled anger, considering self-harm & suicide, eating disorders such as anorexia & bulimia, or the suffering from effects of abuse, war and other adversities in life?

According to SANE Australia 45% of the population (almost every second person) will experience a mental disorder in their lives. In other words, if this doesn’t describe you, who is reading those lines in this moment, then it is the person, who you will look at next, your partner, your child, your parent, your friend or colleague …!

If we expand this figure globally, then more than 3 billion people are suffering at least once in their lives from a mental health disorder. These 3 billion people might be sad, unhappy, stressed, tired, lost, scared and desperate. Think about the consequences: More than 3 billion people that are not able to live a normal life all the time and therefore cannot contribute 100% to their families and communities but instead require their understanding and support. Can you imagine what this means for families relying on the working capabilities of each family member?

We, the global community (you and I), need to do something, we need to heal all those people (each and every-one) and get their smiles back, right? Well, then let’s team-up in –


Who are we to assist you in achieving such a daring goal?

logo-Your Envisioned Mind

Your Envisioned Mind is a not-for-profit organization that is considered to be in the process of becoming the world authority in assisting people to remove exactly those psychological obstacles in their sub-consciousness that stop them to become healthy and successful.

In other words: We assist you to regain 100% control of your life (and get you smiling again).

All profits made are donated to charities that further the research and education in developing safe programs that effectively cure mental illnesses. Learn more about our company  and our therapies.

How could we possibly heal 3 billion people in a life time?

yem-smiley-1691279__180This seems to be daunting task, but rest assured, nothing is impossible!

First, most people do not need a professional counselor to get healed. In fact, according to healthline 80% of people affected by depression (as an example) do not use any treatment at all. For these people and those that are too embarrassed to seek any outside help (and this is not a minority!) we developed easy to follow (step by step) self-help programs empowering them to heal themselves or do so with the support of a loved-one. These programs come with free personal support and guidance from a professional counselor in case one gets stuck, but this assistance is optional.

Secondly, our experience shows that once a person has healed themselves, they are very excited and often have the urge to tell and help others. According to Nielsen 84% of us consider the word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family as the most trustworthy and most influential. We therefore have created a referral program  that rewards clients for sharing their experience with others. Imagine, if it takes just one month to heal a person and such person would introduce only two others, we could heal every-one on earth in less than 33 months!

However, in 20% of cases people need professional assistance and for these people we are setting up a global network of specially trained counselors. Having said that, nobody has to leave their house to receive support. As long as you have a phone or a computer we can guide you through the process from the convenience of your own home.

But how do we know that Your Envision Mind has the most effective program?

We understand that question far too well. The average person that comes to us is suffering for years or decades, has received multiple controversial diagnoses, has been in and out of counseling and hospitals, used a myriad of drugs and as a result of this is either drug dependent or is suffering from side-effects like gaining excessive weight, and is still not completely well (click here for client stories).

rewardOur success rate is so high that we dare not publishing it out of fear most people won’t believe it. But what we can state is that we submit our methods and processes to the Janrua Foundation each year, which is a charity that evaluates most known treatments for a variety of mental illnesses.

Here are some of their ideal criteria for each therapy:

  • Must not use any pharmaceutical drugs
  • Must not require the person to talk and re-experience past trauma
  • Must not have any known adverse side-effects at all
  • Must have an immediate effect, even after the first session
  • Must not take too long to heal a person completely
  • Must not create just temporary relief, but heal the person for good
  • Must empower the person to take complete control, thereby avoiding re-occurrence
  • Must be affordable


So far the Your Envisioned Mind program has been the best for each illness described!


How can I help creating 3 Billion Smiles?

This depends on what you can contribute:

If you feel being sad, unhappy, stressed, tired, lost, scared, ashamed, guilty, condemned or unworthy then let us help you first. Get a self-help kit and decide whether you can heal yourself or like some assistance. Once you are healed and feel that spring in your feet and smile in your heart again, then join our referral program and recommend it to those that you care about.

If you care about others, then help us spreading the word by joining our referral program  and/or donate to charities that make a huge difference, like the Janrua Foundation.

If you possess exceptional communication skills and helping others is your life’s purpose and/or you wish making it your profession, then contact us via the contact page. Our training department provides qualified applicants with an intensive Your Envisioned Mind certification course and once successfully completed, we’d provide you with clients that require your professional care and assistance. To show your interest visit the Consultant accreditation page and submit your details.

If you are already a professional counselor or psychologist and wish to add our program to your skills, please get in touch and team up with us. Once we have trained and certified you, you then can apply the Your Envisioned Mind program with your clients and would also qualify to assist us with ours.

Let’s work together CREATING 3 BILLION SMILES!

Because NO ONE was created to live depressed, guilty, ashamed, condemned, or unworthy. We all were created to be happy and victorious (and with a smile on our face!)